WESeniors Strathcona

A Community Network For Older Adults

Definition -" a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, or goals"

Definition - " a group or system of interconnected people"



Did you know…

In early 2022, Strathcona County moved to invest funds for the next three years to create more support for older adults in the community.

In late March, the County invited nonprofits to apply for this funding seeking a partner who could advocate, coordinate, and provide connection opportunities for seniors. A selection panel reviewed the submissions and chose the Westend Seniors Activity Centre (WSAC) ( as the successful candidate. As a result, WESeniors Strathcona was born.

Message from our Executive Director

Over these last few months, my team and I have had the opportunity to meet with a number of stakeholders in Strathcona County. Within a very short period of time, we saw that the County has a variety of departments and senior serving organizations that are dedicated to serving older adults here in the county.

WESeniors Strathcona's goal is to connect all the dots and be a one-stop shop where older adults can easily see what types of classes, programs, events, and services are available to them across the county.

Communication and Information Coordination

  • Coordinate with seniors and social serving organizations to provide Strathcona County’s seniors with timely and up-to-date information about seniors’ events, programs, and services
  • Using digital and print platforms, develop comprehensive and cohesive messaging platforms highlighting seniors' support and services in Strathcona County

Service Coordination

Work with senior service agencies and other stakeholders in the seniors’ sector to:

  • Share information about available supports and services for seniors
  • Understand seniors’ needs and service gaps
  • Support and drive collaborations among and between senior serving organizations/social serving organizations
  • Encourage participation in community programs

Community Outreach and Engagement

  • Conduct ongoing outreach with existing seniors’ groups and the broader seniors’ population to understand and respond to service and programming needs
  • Support ongoing engagement with volunteers and older adults

Education, Socialization, and Well-being Program Delivery

  • Optimize the use of existing community spaces in both rural and urban Strathcona County to deliver support, programs and services that support healthy aging
    In collaboration with community partners, develop and implement programs, services, and events that build capacity and relationships among participants.
  • Provide low-cost/no-cost weekday programming and supports to older adults

I Just Want To Know Where I Can Play Pickleball!

One of the things we heard while out in the community was that seniors wanted a quick and easy way to find out what activities are available to them.  As one gentleman told us "I just want to know where I can play pickleball!".

I hope you will take the time to visit our new website ( to see what is available to Strathcona County’s older adults!

My team has created a website that will let you search for activities based on LOCATION or based on ACTIVITY.  So, for that gentleman that is looking to play pickleball...I think we have created a solution for you!

Dr. Haidong Liang,
Executive Director,
Westend Seniors Activity Centre and
WESeniors Strathcona